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Blue Flame Wisdom Video: Kindness

Kindness quotes and insights from Taking Care’s first Blue Flame ┬áSeries     Kindness Quotes

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Words To Live By

Click Here for These Words To Live By Photo Comments Every day we should keep ourselves reminded of the positive things in life.It is too easy to be distracted and caught up in the chaos that surrounds us. Make it … Continue reading

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Doggone Drive By Humor

please share On my way to work this cool cat of a dog drove by chilin like a vilian. I couldn’t hep but grab my phone/camera to share the lol moment with you too.

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Ten Reasons Why I Thrive

As a discount membership store, Thrive Market offers a healthy and affordable way to thrive. As I’ve been addressing multiple health issues, eating healthier has become a life choice for me. The transition was quite a challenge until now. Thrive … Continue reading

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Say No To GMO’s

2 Minutes on Monsanto and GMOs FIND & EAT LOCAL GROWN Just Say “NO” To GMO’s  

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The One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

The One Way Mirror Bird Feeder I love this product! Great product for children, adults, and bird watchers. Get up close and personal with bird watching. The one way mirror effect of this bird feeder allows you to view birds … Continue reading

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Creative and/or Co-Creative

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about the creative process in reference to it’s source. Are we individuals who create based on personal ability or are we individuals co creating based on a relationship from a source outside of ourselves. YOUR ELUSIVE CREATIVE … Continue reading

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Turmeric water is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink

  Sometimes the simplest solutions to our health issues are right underneath our noses, or at best, right in front of us on the spice rack. The Spice of Life By Lillie Oliver In addressing “The Spice of Life” this … Continue reading

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Potassium for sleep is just bananas

Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink the Liquid & You Will Not Believe What Happens to Your Sleep Is it true that bananas can be A. Healthy B. Dangerous C. Delicious D. A Mellow Yellow E. All of the above Check … Continue reading

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Watermelon seed benefits

Many surprising health benefits of watermelon seeds

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