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Making sense of Ancient Alien Theories and Divine Intervention

Article video and audio version Making sense of Ancient Alien Theories and Divine Intervention In refference to: History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” Series Featuring: archaeologist, authors, engineers,physicists and professionals like, Erich Von Daniken, David Wilcock, and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos “Ancient Aliens” … Continue reading

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10 GMO Foods To Avoid

Taking Care of Your Health Genetically modified organisms have been a part of our lives for many years. Like a snake in the grass the maker gmo’s have slithered their way in to our diets with a sneaky slimy like … Continue reading

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How to take care of newborn pups

Taking care of puppies once was exclusively the female canine mom’s job. However, we are now in a time where dogs are domesticated pets. There are still wild dog family breeds that still take care of their own offspring, but … Continue reading

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Video Channel Review of Cracked

From a youtubes video channel called Cracked comes many very sarcastic and somewhat twisted humor videos. You may want to wear safety goggles to shield yourself from a funny you may deem offensive. However the option to see no evil, … Continue reading

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Silk Inspiring Quotes


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I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White.

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With Health and Justice for All

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TED-Talk: Lawyer Bryan Stevenson Talks

Bryan Stevenson generates enthusiastic recognition for his talk about Injustices. Bryan Stevenson – founder and Director of EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) Learn more to get Involved: Equal Justice Initiative

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We Be The Change

We Be The Change From my perspective, oneness is not about everyone being on the same page when it comes to our experiences and choices in life. It’s about respect and reverence for us all sharing the same life force … Continue reading

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