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Doggone Drive By Humor

please share On my way to work this cool cat of a dog drove by chilin like a vilian. I couldn’t hep but grab my phone/camera to share the lol moment with you too.

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Say No To GMO’s

2 Minutes on Monsanto and GMOs FIND & EAT LOCAL GROWN Just Say “NO” To GMO’s  

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Creative and/or Co-Creative

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about the creative process in reference to it’s source. Are we individuals who create based on personal ability or are we individuals co creating based on a relationship from a source outside of ourselves. YOUR ELUSIVE CREATIVE … Continue reading

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Video Channel Review of Cracked

From a youtubes video channel called Cracked comes many very sarcastic and somewhat twisted humor videos. You may want to wear safety goggles to shield yourself from a funny you may deem offensive. However the option to see no evil, … Continue reading

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Amazing People

Video interview reveals the nature of people It amazes me what people will go through for a title. What’s even more amazing are the people who find themselves doing it without pay

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