Turmeric water is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink


Sometimes the simplest solutions to our health issues are right underneath our noses, or at best, right in front of us on the spice rack.

The Spice of Life

By Lillie Oliver

In addressing “The Spice of Life” this is a sharing the medicinal purposes of foods, teas, and spices. The information introduced here is set forth as a place to start or add to your pursuit in finding remedies in natural healing.

Herbal remedies are natures healing properties derived from plants. However due to their medicinal properties it is always wise to consult a medical professional for safe advice concerning the safety in using them to heal. Please consider using any medicines carefully.


Foods: salmon, avocados, bananas, kale, tomato, almonds, peppers, ginger, cocoa, raspberries, cherries, cranberries
Teas: Cranberry Rose Hip, ginger
Spices: turmeric, Black pepper, basil, celery seeds, Cinnamon, oregano
Roots and Barks: White Willow Bark, ginger, -Jerusalem Artichoke
Supplement: Oil 0f Oregano, Virgin Coconut Oil, vitamin b6, Organic Turmeric Curcumin, Inflasil
Foods To Avoid: refined sugar, msg, gluten, trans fat, saturated fat, sunflower seeds, white bread, milk, alcohol

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Taking Care through introducing, discussing, and sharing any thing from foot cream to self esteem and beyond.
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