Creative and/or Co-Creative

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about the creative process in reference to it’s source. Are we individuals who create based on personal ability or are we individuals co creating based on a relationship from a source outside of ourselves.


In my opinion Elizabeth Gilbert is right on target when it comes to changing the way we look at people who choose occupations like writing. Performers and other artistic professions go through the same types of challenge. Realizing there is the skills side of the writing process as well as a tapping into creative ideas side, make being a writer as practical as any occupation. We are always evolving and coming up with new ways to do things. As far as the question are we creating or co-creating , just think of how much modern technology mixes and mingles a “practical job” with a dependency on the creative process for new ideas. Writers and other artistic profession may be more pressed to more frequently tap into the higher dynamic side of the creative process, but tapping into the creative process is something all professions do.


“How To Increase Your Creativity” – The Chi-To-Be Experience Radio Show hosted Stacey Hall

- Creative Attractions Article Writteb by Lillie Oliver


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